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Le Printemps 2021

Bonjour les étudiants,

Le printemps arrive! I hope you are all well, at least partially vaccinated, and ready for good changes ahead. "La pandémie" has been challenging for everyone. I keep busy and cope by teaching French via Zoom, reading, knitting, cooking, walking Maggy, and my latest obsession, learning to play the ukulele. My son Daniel sent me a ukulele last spring. My first reaction was Oh, no, not another new thing to learn. (not a very teacherly thought I confess), but I was still struggling to get comfortable with Zoom. Somehow, I grew to enjoy teaching myself to play and just signed up for an online PCC ukulele class for spring term. 

How do I keep up my French? I watch Les Reines du Shopping ,a French reality show online which is entertaining and a great source of vocabulary. I listen to podcasts like Mourir Moins Con on Spotify, and occasionally watch the news and other programs on the French Channel Antenne 5 which is on Cable TV by subscription. If you would like suggestions on how to keep up your French at your level, please email me. My Little French Village will soon be available in French. It took a long time for me to translate my book, but now happily it is done. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a copy. As its English twin sister, the price is $10:00 plus shipping. It is an easy read in both languages. 

You can follow me on instagram #sayitinfrench and on my blog  French Press Journeys

Thank you for your support. As always, vous êtes formidable! 

Giselle Bawnik

Happy to report I can do French classes and tutoring online with Zoom.

For recipes, fun insights and stories please visit my blog!

French Press Journeys


MY LITTLE FRENCH VILLAGE is now available on Amazon for $15 which includes shipping and handling.

Recommended Picks:

Cooking Programs
French Cooking at home on the Cooking Channel

Recreational Reading
We've always had Paris and Provence by Patricia and Walter Wells
All You Need To Be Impossibly French by Helena Firth Powell
How Proust Can Change Your Life by Alain de Botton
Into a Paris Quartier
by Diane Johnson
Un aller simple
by Didier van Cauwelaert
L'elegance du herisson by Muriel Barbery
Malaussene Saga by Daniel Pennac
      •  Au bonheur des ogres

      •  La fée carabine
      •  La Petite Marchande de Prose
      •  Monsieur Malaussène
      •  Aux Fruits de la Passion

Nuts in the Kitchen by Susan Hermann Loomis

Gorgeously written new cook book by one of our favorite cooks living in France. How to add nuts and nut oils to your cooking in delicious creative ways.

The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

Practice Makes Perfect Series includes books on French Vocabulary, French Pronouns and Prepositions, and French Grammar

The Firefly Mini French/English Visual Dictionary

French Films
Romantics Anonymous
Paris, Je t'aime
Mon Meilleur Ami
Apres vous
Monsieur Ibrahim
Les Choristes

Please send us your favorites and your recommendations and we will include them!

Here are some bread recipes from my sabbatical at the French Culinary Institute in New York City.

Americans write about living in Paris and share insights and info  perhaps not readily accessible to tourists
short audio recordings to practice listening comprehension.
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